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Reservation Policy & Guidelines

NOTE:  The Inn does not honor CREDIT CARDS. Bills may be paid by check or cash.

RESERVATIONS …… You reserve, and we greet you on your arrival date. A deposit is not necessary. A reconfirmation of your reservation IS NECESSARY.  Phone or email The Inn 5 to 7 days prior to your arrival to reconfirm and secure your lodging. Reservations not reconfirmed may be cancelled. Reservations are guaranteed; specific room assignments are not guaranteed. The Inn reserves the right to re-assign rooms. Guests may not be notified of room changes prior to arrival.   

CANCELLATIONS ……Once reserved and reconfirmed, we guarantee your lodging.  Prompt cancellation is expected and must be made by phone….814-886-4757.

PETS.……  The Inn is unable to accommodate pets. The nearby Admiral Peary Doggie Lodge welcomes pups & kitties. Call the Doggie Lodge (814-886-4466) to make reservations. You must present proof of current shots when boarding your pet at The Doggie Lodge.

POLICIES AND GUIDELINES …And, here’s the negative stuff….. The Inn smoke-free.  Smoking is not permitted on the porch or the front sidewalk. It’s OK to smoke in The Garden. Our no-smoking policy includes the use of E-cigs. Burning incense or candles anywhere on the property is prohibited.

Please keep scanner volume low to allow for normal conversation. Loud smartphone and laptop apps are disruptive. When sound apps are in use on the porch, or in the Common Room, volume must be kept low.

Guests may use designated refrigerators to store food, or to charge freezer packs. Commercial bagged ice nearby for your cooler. Limited ice on hand for personal refreshments. The Inn’s kitchen is not available for guest use. Guests may not use kitchen ovens or microwaves.

The Inn’s porch and its facilities are for the use of registered guests.  Guests who invite friends to visit will have fees added to their room charges.  The charge for unregistered guests is $15.00 per visitor per day.  Breakfast is not provided unregistered visitors.

Be kind to our carpets. Railfanning is sometimes a muddy or messy experience.  Guests should examine their shoes before entering The Inn.  We recommend a pair of slippers for in-house use.  There is space in the foyer for boots and slippers.

CHECK-IN……….. Check-in: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Later check-in may be arranged.  Check-out: 11:00 AM. Extended check-out (after 12:30)… $15.00 per hour. The Common Room is not available after 1:00 PM to guests who have checked out. Arriving guests must be welcomed and public areas must be prepped prior to 2:00 for new arrivals.

CHILDREN…..  The Inn is unable to accommodate youngsters under the age of eight. Youngsters, ages eight and older, are welcome.  Children 8 – 15 must be supervised by an adult. Youngsters under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult when near the railroad.  The Inn’s Common Room TV is not available for video games use. A parent must accompany youngsters while youngsters watch our house TV. The Inn is not responsible for lost children. Staff members are not able to entertain, supervise or transport guest children. The Inn is a lodging property, not a day-care center. Parents may not leave children at The Inn while shopping or on business. Children 15 and younger must accompany their parents when parents leave the property. Guests accompanied by children will sign a child supervision guarantee prior to check-in.

 WE’RE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS STUFF……. Our policies may sound picky, but they help insure that everyone’s stay is pleasant. Those who may feel uncomfortable with these guidelines should not reserve rooms at The Inn.  


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