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The Station Inn. A Better Way to Railfan.

(814) 886-4757

Station Inn rooms are simple, spotless, and bright. Your family-style breakfast is complementary.

Surf our website and connect to neat railfan stuff. TA reviews are to the left. Other info on following pages. See the live view from our PRR Suite on Mike Kisser’s RailStream monitor. Listen to NS transmissions on Mike Saverino’s RailroadRadio feed. Recent traffic flow is shown on Alex Lang’s time-delay camera feed.  Watch Doug Obert’s West Slope Youtubes. There’s a ton of information and entertainment right here, right now.

The Inn is not affiliated with any booking service or travel agency. It is not part of a lodging chain. It is Small, Independent, Authentic, Local, Friendly, Organic, and Unique. Email us or call (814-886-4757) for information. Talk to a real person and make reservations with us.

You can’t do it better than here. The Station Inn IS Railfans. Stop by.

NOTE:  The Inn is unable to accommodate children under the age of eight.

See our RESERVATION POLICY for details about children, pets and smoking.



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