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About thirty years ago, Tom Davis had a great idea: a simple, trackside bed & breakfast, for railfans to gather among friends and relax.  Sit on the large front porch and watch the trains roll by.  And for almost thirty years, guests from near and far came to The Station Inn to do just that.  And The Inn will continue to welcome guests for years to come.

Our friend Tom is sadly no longer with us, but the Inn shall carry on.  We will be here for you, awaiting your next guys’ trip, winter railfan adventure, quiet weekend, family reunion, or quick getaway.  We will continue to welcome you and serve tasty breakfasts. Hearing the next heavy eastbound ascend the hill long before the headlight is visible.  Listening to the dynamic brakes hum as westbounds begin the drift downgrade.  Watching the helper locomotives scurry about.  Times change, the railroad changes, but we will be here and so will the trains.

We are starting to make some repairs, add some lighting, improve the wifi.  You’ll see more improvements unfold over time.  We will soon accept online reservations and credit cards.  More improvements are planned.  But it’s the same porch, the same railroad, Inn hospitality as it should be, and we think you’ll be happy to see some familiar faces on your next visit. 

So make a plan to come visit, relax, chat amongst friends, watch some trains.  Give us a call.  (814) 886-4757 or email

The Station Inn is Independent, Family-owned, Friendly, Small, and Unique. The Station Inn is a Bed and Breakfast, not a hotel. We host hundreds of guests annually.  Most of our guests are railfans who return often to enjoy our B&B hospitality. Your breakfast is complementary at The Station Inn.

Book directly. Talk with a live person… get immediate feedback and honest, accurate, answers. You’re in charge when you reserve. Once booked, your reservation is guaranteed. Specific room assignments are not guaranteed and may be changed. A deposit is not necessary. Reservations must be reconfirmed a week prior to arrival.

Call 814-886-4757 or email

Surf our site. Take notes while watching our videos. Use this website to plan a railfan adventure that avoids wrong turns and blind alleys. Find the best train watching spots on the old PRR Pittsburgh Main. Discover out-of-the-way, public places to capture outstanding photos. Use our website to take in live train action on Mike Kisser’s RailStream Cam. Listen to NS, CSX, and RJCorman on Mike Saverino’s RailroadRadio feed.  Watch Doug Obert’s West Slope, Horseshoe Curve, and Around Our Mountain Youtubes.

Plan a visit.                                        The Station Inn IS Railfans.                                         Stay with us.

Note to Trip Advisor junkies: We is what we is. Our plumbing works. We serve great breakfasts. Our rooms are fresh and pleasant.       ***** Cresson is a small town and ours is a neighborhood of college students. Parties? Yes. Loud? Occasionally.  *****Cresson is a regular stop for biker tour groups. We abide loud machines and their macho riders. *****And, we are near the railroad. Trains may wake you. *****The Inn is not air conditioned. ***** Most B&B’s advertise 16 or 18 as the youngest guest age. Our 8 years old child policy is unusual. Youngsters are welcome.  ****However, when near the railroad children must be accompanied by an adult. Parents will be refunded unused room charges and asked to leave if their children are not supervised. ****We welcome Trip Advisor comments. Stuff beyond our control may be a legitimate part of a review. The college kids are here, the motorcycles roar by, the trains are close. The loud bikes remind me of the Harley I didn’t buy. The college kids prove that ours is not a gated community.  We’re in the mountains at 2,000 ft elev. There is an abundance of clean, cool air. Lack of air conditioning is a once or twice summer discomfort. The trains? For heavens’ sake ….. that’s why we are here. We is what we is.

See our RESERVATION POLICY for details concerning children, pets, alcohol, and tobacco.

                                               NIGHT TIME RAILFANNING?  WHY NOT? 

                                     WATCH THE TRAINS FROM FROM OUR FRONT PORCH.




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The Station Inn Sold to the Lang Family

The Davis family is pleased to report that the sale of the Station Inn has been completed. We are thrilled that our primary objective in the sale has been achieved: Our brother’s dream will live on, the Inn will continue to operate as a B&B for Railfans. The process of getting to this point took […]

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Norfolk Southern Changes

The radio frequency for the Pittsburgh Line changed several weeks ago. Formerly on AAR channel 46 (160.800 mHz) the line is now on AAR 51 (160.875) from McVey to Conpit, which includes all of the territory through our area, including the Cove Secondary in Altoona. Other area changes: the South Fork Secondary is on AAR […]

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Pittsburgh Line Freight Listing

Here is a listing of Norfolk Southern manifest freights, along with approximate times through Cresson. With Norfolk Southern’s adoption of Precision Scheduled Railroading, we see fewer trains over the mountain, but the trains remaining are much longer, several operating with “distributed power unit” locomotives in the middle of the train. This list does NOT include […]

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