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Pittsburgh Line Freight Listing

Here is a listing of Norfolk Southern manifest freights, along with approximate times through Cresson. With Norfolk Southern’s adoption of Precision Scheduled Railroading, we see fewer trains over the mountain, but the trains remaining are much longer, several operating with “distributed power unit” locomotives in the middle of the train.

This list does NOT include intermodal/container trains, coal trains, oil trains, etc.


  • 12G – Late morning
  • 38G – Early afternoon
  • 18N – 5-6PM
  • 10G – 6-7PM
  • 10K – Usually close behind 10G
  • 38Q – Overnight


  • 39Q – 5-6AM
  • 39G – 7-8AM
  • 35A – Late afternoon
  • 34A – 6-7PM
  • 27N – 7-8PM
  • 11V – Overnight
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