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Website Progress over the Years

The Station Inn’s website has been somewhat of an evolution over the last fourteen years. Thanks to the “Wayback Machine” over at, we would like to show you some of the changes over that time. The site was first designed in late 2000 by Lou Capwell and Alex Lang, we hand coded HTML and scanned slides and prints for photographs.  We registered as “” was already taken (and still is).  Back then, Netscape was still a thing, and Internet Explorer was still the most popular browser.

In 2004, we added an Axis 2120 webcam – which, unbelievably, is still performing well today after ten years.  Replacing that tank will be a challenge, though we know that a better image quality will most certainly result from a new camera.  A few years later, Mike Saverino worked with Jim Groenke over at to set up a rail scanner audio feed.  Our Innkeeper Tom was using the Adobe Contribute product to update content by himself, using Dreamweaver templates we’d created.  By this time, we saw a shift away from IE, and more and more users of alternate browsers like Mozilla (later called Firefox) or Google Chrome.  Also, the resurgence of Apple products meant more compatibility issues to consider when designing the site.

We made the switch to WordPress sometime in 2010-2011 to make it easier for Tom to update site content, and allow a few guest contributors. WordPress’ plugin capability also meant that we could more easily keep with the times regarding image display, video, and compatibility with multiple browsers.

Finally, thanks to the rise of tablets & smartphones, as well as an increase in larger monitors, we are now updating the WordPress underpinnings of the site to provide “responsive” web designs that should render better on devices large and small.

A few more changes are planned over the next few months, so take a look back for those!

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