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One Response to Around our Neighborhood Pt 8

  1. Bradford Paulson December 16, 2011 at 8:28 pm #

    I really enjoyed this video. Getting to see where actor Charles Bronson grew up is great. The segment around Soth Fork is fantasitc because I have seen plenty of train roll through this town when I have been in here. I can tellyou that this is a great place to railfan. I’m always ready to come back and enjoy all the action there is on the former Pennsylvania Railroad, later Penn Central then Conrail now Norfolk Southern main line. I just can’t get enough of it. I enjoy coming to this area alot and railfanning to my heart’s desire. The Station Inn is a great place to stay and Tom Davis puts on the best hospitality there is in there area. Cresson, Pennsylvania and all the neighboring towns have great railfanning hot spots to go to and watch trains roll thorugh. Whether it is a coal train, ethonal train, piggyback even Amtrak, there is alot to see and do when you are in the Allegheny Mountain Region.

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