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One Response to Around our Neighborhood Pt 1

  1. Bradford Paulson December 8, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    I sure know my around Cresson and there is always plenty to see when I am down there. As a railfan I am lawys prepared with my camera and getting all the shots I can of all the trains that roll thorugh this town and there are lots of great stores and places where I can get a bite to eat. I’m always ready to come back for more fun in Cressona and in the towns across the way. I enjoy Cresson, it is a quaint little railroad town because I live in a town where the trains used to roll through and there are traces of the line that ran thorugh it. I’m hoping to come back in the mid to late spring or maybe early,mid to late summer of next year. i’ll come back to see all the great attractions that make Cresson and the neighboring towns unique.

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